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In this week's episode Leyla speaks to Andréa Watts about coaching with collage and how it supports a heart and mind connection for all. Continue Reading Coaching with Collage

Welcome to the 229th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. January is focused on heart and mind connection. Often it can be difficult to connect the two, but coaching with collage can help. To join me to talk about this more is Andréa Watts.

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About my guest

Andréa Watts is the first specialist in coaching with collage and founded UnglueYou®, her coaching business in 2012. Her passion for her subject stems from her belief that we are all creative and hold a wealth of untapped wisdom and intuition in our unconscious. Andréa’s vision is:

“To see the Collage Coaching Technique™ used globally as a creative coaching tool for releasing people’s potential”.

To enable this ambition, she delivers ICF and AC approved training for coaches on using her 3 stage framework, the Collage Coaching Technique™. She also guest lectures on Coach Psychology programmes at several London Universities, was honorary lecturer at City, University London and the Coaching in Context module lead at Birkbeck University.

To further share her knowledge and passion for creativity in coaching Andréa authored ‘Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool: A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches and Psychologists’, published by Routledge in 2022.

As an experienced coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker, in addition to her 1-1 coaching, her clients include Google, Imperial College London, Moët Hennessey, The United States Air Force and Jenny Garrett OBE.

In today’s show on Coaching with Collage

  • About Andrea and what she’s working on at the moment [02:20]
  • What the term wellbeing means to her. [06:09]
  • How collage connects both heart and mind. [08:40]
  • What workplaces can do to introduce collaging into team building practices. [12:33]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [10:20]

Quotes on Coaching with Collage

  • My experience is flipped around, I was a collage artist who became a coach.
  • The heart and mind inform each other, they are codependent.
  • Wellbeing is essentially loving ourselves and accepting all parts of ourselves.
  • It’s important to practice mindfulness, to slow down and notice the sensations in your body and what’s it telling you.

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