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In this week's episode Leyla speaks to Ken Orlukwu about Community Activism Radio, the station he founded WetinDey Radio and its impact. Continue Reading Community Activism Radio

Welcome to the 165th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. It’s the final episode for Black History Month 2022, and I am excited to say we are focussing on activism and activism through community radio.

To join me in speaking more about this is Ken Orlukwu. The co-founder of an Independent Community Radio Station called WetinDey Radio.

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About my guest

WetinDey Radio is an online global radio station streaming LIVE 24X7, providing the best in mainstream Afro-Urban music, entertainment, interactive talk shows, breaking news, lifestyle and culture programmes. Founded in 2020 by a dedicated team passionate about promoting the rich African & Caribbean heritage worldwide.

The term ‘WetinDey’ (pronounced waiting day ) is a popular West-African word which simply means: what’s happening? 

The management team have a vast wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in the media industry ranging from broadcasting, podcasting, music production, sound engineering, content production, events consultancy, artist management, business development and training.

Our mission is to bring to your listening pleasure, unique and uninterrupted worldwide entertainment, including real-life content that affects our lifestyle and community.

In today’s show on Community Activism Radio

  • About Ken and what he’s currently working on. [02:01]
  • How he set up WetinDey Radio including the costs. [03:50]
  • What the word activism means to him. [08:03]
  • The positive impacts of community radio station to promote mental health [10:02]
  • His top 3 tips for looking after his mental health. [20:21]

Quotes on Community Activism Radio

  • Africa is one, regardless of all the boundaries.
  • You have to look after yourself to be able to look after people.
  • Sometimes, I detox from my mobile phone.
  • I’m very passionate about what I do, from my professional life to my community.
  • Our presenters don’t have to come from a media background, but the first thing we want is that passion.

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