Cross-Cultural Parenting

In this week's episode I speak to Caroline Albuerne Rodriguez about cross-cultural parenting, what it means and how language plays a significant part in the journey. Continue Reading Cross-Cultural Parenting

Welcome to the 222nd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. November is all about parenting with equity and wellbeing in mind. Today we are focussing on cross-cultural parenting and to join me is Carolina Albuerne Rodriguez.

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About my guest

With 20 years dedicated to the third sector, Carolina been a steadfast advocate for human rights, specialising in issues like refugee protection, human trafficking, torture, and access to justice.

Her academic journey, marked by a focus on Postcolonial Literature and a Post Graduate Diploma in Conflict, Security, and Development, laid the groundwork for her deep understanding of complex challenges. A pivotal achievement in her career was leading the Good Practice and Partnerships Team at Refugee Action—the first infrastructure-dedicated team in the UK to cater to the needs of the refugee and migrant sector.

This initiative built capacity within third-sector organisations and integrated collaboration, early action and access to justice whilst driving systemic change. In various roles, from volunteer to board chair. Carolina gained a holistic perspective on the not-for-profit sector. Fundraising and project development have been integral to my journey, showcasing my commitment to driving meaningful change.

Her passion lies in co-creating transformative strategies for secure, stable, and agile organisations. Over seven years, she’s supported a team working with 300+ organisations across the UK, providing valuable insights into the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

Carolina’s mission is to foster change, bringing organisations and funders together for a future prepared and eager to embrace positive transformation.

In today’s show 0n Cross-Cultural Parenting

  • About Carolina and what being a parent means to her. [02:30]
  • Her thoughts about cross-cultural parenting. [06:36]
  • What the term “anti-racist parenting” means to her. [13:59]
  • Things workplaces can do to discuss and create safe spaces for cross-cultural parenting. [20:53]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [26:23]

Quotes on Cross-Cultural Parenting

  • Parenting for me is unique.
  • There are loads of pros and cons of being a solo parent.
  • Language has been very important in bringing up my son as well as considering him growing up as a white man.
  • I’m used to a lot more visible diversity from living in the UK versus the North of Spain.
  • Still very few employers are doing enough to support parents.

Resources on Cross-Cultural Parenting

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