Cultural Money Stories and Mindsets

Welcome to the 112th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. As you know, the focus for this month is about the diversity of Black experiences for Black History Month. So today, we’re going to be talking about a really interesting subject, money. Specifically, cultural money stories and mindsets. Often, as global majority women we may have certain money mindsets and ways of behaving.

To do this, I’m joined by Talia Loderick, who is a money coach based in Cardiff.

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About my guestTalia Loderick

Talia Loderick is a Money Coach, based in Cardiff. She calls her money coaching practice TLC because when she realised the acronym for Tender Loving Care also stands for Talia Loderick Coaching she almost swooned with joy. Because who doesn’t need a dose of TLC from time to time? Rhetorical question – we all do. 

Talia offers one-to-one coaching helping women understand their emotions and beliefs around money so they can improve their behaviour with money, feel better and be better with money. Talia also delivers financial education workshops to 11-19-year-olds, helping young people build lifelong money-management skills.

In today’s show on Cultural Money Stories and Mindsets

  • About Talia, and her coaching practice. [02:20]
  • How she became a money coach. [07:30]
  • What the term “good with money” means to her. [11:23]
  • The specific money mindsets and challenges Global Majority women face [15.20]
  • How there is finally a space for Black women to talk about money [21.12]
  • What workplaces can do to encourage more money conversations amongst their employees [23:59]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [29:15]

Quotes on Cultural Money Stories and Mindsets

  • Unless you know what drives your behaviour, it’s really hard to change your behaviour.
  • Many of women from, global majority /diaspora backgrounds, are taught explicitly and also by modelled behaviour, to support others first, to care for others first, to nurture everyone around us.
  • In order to look after others well, we need to look after ourselves.
  • It’s really hard to motivate yourself from a place of negativity.
  • Financial wellbeing to me, means having enough for my day to day needs.

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