Book Review Culture Map by Erin Meyer

In this week's podcast Leyla reviews the book Culture Map by Erin Meyer and why it's such a useful resource for your workplace to start talking about culture. Continue Reading Book Review Culture Map by Erin Meyer

Welcome to the 107th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. In today’s episode, I am reviewing the book Culture Map by Erin Meyers, published in 2014.  I thought this was a great book to review for the topic for this month which is culture.

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In today’s show about the book Culture Map

  • What inspired this episode. [00:40]
  • About the book Culture Map by Erin Meyers. [01:49]
  • What I find very helpful about this book. [02:46]
  • 8 really important and key aspects of culture that were covered in this book. [03:49]
  • An anecdote from the book about the difference between Nigerian and German culture in relation to timekeeping. [10:44]

Quotes related to the Culture Map

  • In the words of Dr Nathalie van Meurs: “There’s no such thing as Greenwich Mean Time culture.”
  • It can be much easier to talk about culture than race.
  • In order to understand what someone else’s norm is, we have to understand our own.
  • The sad truth is that the vast majority of managers who conduct business internationally, have little understanding about how the culture is impacting their work.
  • We all have a responsibility to know and understand cultural context, to be able to open up a conversation and not lay on unhelpful stereotypes.

Resources mentioned in this episode about the Culture Map

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