Failing Forward

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to entrepreneur Nana Parry about failing forward, in essence how to recover from setbacks and reframe the term failure. Continue Reading Failing Forward

Welcome to the 199th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month’s theme is all about Men’s Health and attitudes in society. Today we are focusing on failing forward, to join me is Nana Parry.

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About my guest

Nana is a serial entrepreneur that uses his expertise in customer insights to build new businesses.

He is the founder of Tectonic, a research firm that helps companies understand their customers in extreme detail, working with individual startups all the way to the FTSE250, with clients in 12 different countries.

He also runs a Venture Studio, helping large corporations create new businesses from scratch, and has lectured business students at the likes of Imperial College London, UCL, London Business School and Capital Enterprise.

Prior to his journey as a founder, Nana worked for tech companies like Fujitsu and Rackspace, delivering multi-million dollar projects and running large teams.

Nana has also raised multiple investment rounds for his different ventures and his aim is to continue to create assets of value and help as many people as he can along the way.

In today’s show on Failing Forward

  • About Nana and what he’s working on at the moment [01:41]
  • His journey into the world of entrepreneurship. [02.49]
  • What the term “failure” means to him. [07:28]
  • Some ways to push back against societal assumptions [07:54]
  • His top three tips for looking after his mental health. [22:26]

Quotes on Failing Forward

  • My personality is one where I just love to do difficult things and be like, wow, I’ve done it and achieved!
  • I think the term failure means, at least in the entrepreneurial sense, a bit of a rite of passage.
  • Sometimes, some people don’t want you to be successful because they don’t necessarily want you to invalidate some of the decisions that they may have made.
  • We have to be tenacious and almost delusional in a way, about what we can achieve and when we can do it.

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