Happiness and Personal Development

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to psychologist Klaudia Mitura about happiness and personal development and what you can do. Continue Reading Happiness and Personal Development

Welcome to the 161st episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This is the final episode in our series on personal development, and I am excited to say we are focussing on happiness, what it means and how it contributes to positive personal development. 

To join me in doing this is the joyous Klaudia Mitura. 

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About my guest

Klaudia is a  work psychologist who explores the science of happiness and tests out different methods for making a personal change and leading a happier life. She works as a learning and development specialist at the Science Museum Group building a learning culture and boosting happiness in the workplace to drive business growth and innovation.

She is the host of the award-winning & Happiness podcast, exploring the bold question “what makes us happy.” Do check out the episode with me, How to Expand Our External Stories .

For the last ten years, Klaudia’s been applying scientific research on employee engagement to design and implement energetic, creative and data-driven programs to empower individuals to be at their best at work. Her approach to learning and development is based on empowerment, mastery and purpose.

In today’s show on Happiness and Personal Development

  • About Klaudia and the work she does. [03:03]
  • How she coped with a trying time in her life in 2020. [06:10]
  • What the term “happiness” means to her. [11:24]
  • How workplaces can make people happy at work. [13:57]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [19:14]

Quotes on Happiness and Personal Development

  • I gave myself a purpose that was beyond everything that was happening to me,
  • With everything that was happening in my life I realised that I just wanted to be happy for one minute a day, due to the complex emotions I was experiencing.
  • People will feel happier if they are connected with their purpose.
  • No one loves micro management- I’m sorry!
  • Try different things and see how you feel and how they work for you.

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