How to have Energetic Conversations

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Maya Kalaria author, consultant, educator and astrologer about how to have energetic conversations and heal from grief. Continue Reading How to have Energetic Conversations

Welcome to the 175th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.
To kick January off, I’ve got a very exciting episode to help you feel energized and ready for the year ahead. To kick off joining me today is Maya Kalaria, talking about how to have energetic conversations.

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About my guest

Maya Kalaria is an Author, Consultant, Educator and Astrologer. Her poetry book, Half Woman Half Grief, explores the hero’s journey through the underworld of death, grief, trauma and rage after losing her mother at the tender age of nine. As a lifelong intuitive and student of mysticism, she is also a qualified Horary Astrologer.

Maya recently co-founded Energetic Conversations with Daniel Edmund; a consultancy company helping to heal the racial, gender and mental health dynamics within company cultures.

Her wide-ranging professional background includes mental health practitioner work with young people, domestic abuse work with women and children, solution-focused hypnotherapy and retail management.

As a Gujarati woman born in England, Maya speaks powerfully about the racism and colonial trauma she experienced as a result of her early life circumstances, as well as the mysticism her life became steeped in through these life-altering experiences.

She believes strongly in healthy communication as a powerful tool for healing and is passionate about connecting to our ancestral, indigenous roots, wherever we originate from. She also speaks of the energy work that she has practised for years and is at the core of everything she does.

In today’s show about how to have Energetic Conversations

  • About Maya and what she’s working on at the moment. [02:09]
  • How she connects with organisations that want to heal and understand what that healing means. [03:55]
  • Maya’s tips for navigating grief and how she was able to turn her pain into power [09:17]
  • The legacy of colonial trauma and how it manifests in our bodies [19.55]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [28:59]

Quotes on how to have Energetic Conversations

  • Be very regimented and boundaried around mental health and looking after yourself.
  • If you don’t want to transform as an organisation, we don’t have anything for you, because we’re about the transformation and the transformative work.
  • There’s a massive gap between where organisations think they’re at, and where they actually are.
  • Not everyone feels the same way, but you’re not alone in grief.
  • You have to dig into your own trauma to actually do the work.

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