Music and Mental Health

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to drum'n'bass DJ Mitekiss about music, mental health, wellbeing and recovery journey and how music helped. Continue Reading Music and Mental Health

Welcome to the 139th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month’s focus is all about music and mental health. Today we are going to be talking more about drum’n’bass, one of my favourite kinds of music as many of you will know, mental health and particular male musicians.

To join me in doing this is Drum’n’Bass Musician Mitekiss.

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About my guest Mitekiss

With over two decades of experience and an impressive collection of his signature soul-infused releases on some of the most formidable labels across the drum’n’bass spectrum including imprints such as Shogun, Chase & Status’ MTA and Skankandbass, since signing to Hospital Records back in 2018 Mitekiss has become a staple figure in the scene crafting out his very own unique sonic identity.

From the tender age of 15, the London-native has been sculpting his sound through the exotic experimentation of other diverse genres that eventually lead him to a steady heartbeat of 174BPM. Mitekiss began to pick up momentum when ‘Void’, a free track on Skankandbass caught the attention of Shogun Audio head honcho, Friction. Among dropping his own sonic gems Mitekiss also runs his own label Goldfat Records with Mr Porter, which continues to grow year on year whilst nurturing some of the most promising future talents in the world of drum & bass.

In 2018, he dropped his debut album ‘Crate Six Seven’ which further proved his musical versatility as he explored the sounds of ambient, jungle, liquid-jazz and soul across 14 stunning tracks. 2020 saw the release of his incredibly curated ‘Objects To Push’ EP home to the widely popular single ‘Matter (feat. Ruth Royall)’. 

With his next big project ‘Bolivian Hotel Bistro’ released on Friday 25 Feb 2022, don’t take your eyes off Mitekiss as he continues to trailblaze his way to the top of the liquid drum & bass sphere. His multi-faceted approach to drum & bass as an artist, label owner, mentor and all-around tastemaker proves his commitment and love for the sound.

In today’s show on Music and Mental Health

  • Mitekiss’ love of drum’n’bass and how he got into the music. [03:36]
  • What the term mental health means to him. [07:48]
  • How producing music helps Mitekiss with his mental health. [08:14]
  • What the culture of mental wellbeing looks like in the drum’n’bass world. [20:27]
  • His top 3 tips for looking after his mental health. [30:56]

Quotes on Music and Mental Health

  • When I was younger, in my early 20s, I had a real tough time with anxiety, to the point where I couldn’t have a job anymore.
  • Generally, the drum’n’bass world can be quite open-minded, and upfront about mental wellbeing.
  • 70% of musicians report symptoms of mental illness.
  • It’s taken me 20 years of my life to recover from my social anxiety.
  • When you’re in a low place, you do need professional help.

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