My Lived Experience with Allan Reid

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Allan Reid about his lived experience of having late diagnosed ADHD and someone who identifies as Queer. Continue Reading My Lived Experience with Allan Reid

Welcome to the 150th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. On this month podcast we’re talking about lived experience, and I’m delighted to be joined by Allan Reid.

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About my guest Allan Reid

Allan is an experienced Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) professional, working to improve diversity and inclusion in a variety of spaces for a decade beginning at University. They were the D&I Officer for Network Rail Scotland before seeking more experience by joining The Equal Group as an EDI Consultant.

Allan identifies as non-binary and used they/them pronouns. They are passionate about ensuring that the world becomes a fairer and more just place for everyone. As a Queer person with late-diagnosed ADHD, Allan has worked in a number of industries where they didn’t feel safe to be themselves and couldn’t access the support they needed, these experiences drive Allan to help organisations design and implement inclusion frameworks to improve the representation and wellbeing of their workers.

In today’s show on Lived Experience

  • About Allan and the work they now does. [01:58]
  • The relationship between mental ill-health and culture. [05:27]
  • Some of the biggest challenges for people who identify as Queer, when it comes to accessing support. [16:10]
  • What workplaces can do to have conversations about toxic masculinity and combat the toxic masculinity narratives. [21:56]
  • Their top 3 tips for looking after their mental health. [26:22]

Quotes on Allan’s Lived Experience

  • I don’t think the West Coast of Scotland is unique. I think maybe parts of how it manifests itself, and how it impacts people are potentially unique.
  • I think the biggest challenge is not knowing where to get support.
  • When you address the issue of toxic masculinity, you tend to get a lot of pushback.
  • My mood has improved dramatically since I started exercising. In addition to that, exercise and eating healthy are top of my list.

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