Recognising Different Ways to Have a Family

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks with Jenny Saft, Founder of OVIAVO about recognising different ways to have a family. Continue Reading Recognising Different Ways to Have a Family

Welcome to the 135th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month, the focus is recognition, and today, we are talking about the right to have a family and the different ways. Recognising different ways to have a family is crucial for modern workplaces, so to do this with me I am joined by Jenny Saft, Founder of OVIAVO.

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About my guest Jenny Saft

Jenny has a business background and completed her MBA at Hult International Business School in San Francisco. Attracted to the startup world, she stayed there for three years before moving back to Germany. Before starting OVIAVO, she worked as VP Business Development for the Dutch fintech company Adyen (IPO 2018).

Jenny has personally undergone several social freezing cycles and has experienced the inadequacy of medical advice and support, the lack of transparency from clinics on treatment, cost, physical and psychological effort, the stigma in our society and the overwhelming amount of (often misleading) information online.

OVIAVO is a fertility benefits platform that helps employers attract & retain top talent while tackling diversity & inclusion. By providing fertility benefits, OVIAVO is helping modern companies overcome inequality. Not everyone is able to conceive a child and OVIAVO wants to support everyone in their family forming journey regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or marital status.

In today’s show on Recognising Different Ways to Have a Family

  • About Jenny Saft and why she started OVIAVO. [02:05]
  • Why she decided to freeze her eggs, even though she wasn’t sure she wanted children. [04:13]
  • Her vision of true equality in the fertility, adoption and surrogacy space. [05:04]
  • What workplaces can do to genuinely support staff who are on fertility journeys, especially with their mental health. [14:07]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [25:56]

Quotes on Recognising Different Ways to Have a Family

  • Starting a family should be a right and not a privilege.
  • There are different rule in different European regions, which just don’t make sense. Who decided this? My guess is old white men!
  • Why is financial support in the UK for IVF linked to your zip/post code?
  • In most European countries, the adoption rates are really low because there are not that many children that are up for adoption.
  • Implementing fertility benefits alone is not enough.

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