Why You Need To Stop Stereotyping South Asian Women

On today’s episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I talk about the stereotyping South Asian Women in the UK tend to encounter. The single-story about arranged marriages that are portrayed about us and why it’s SO boring!  

I wanted to use this episode, as part of the first South Asian heritage month to talk about this topic. Focussing on cultural awareness and why people pigeonholing us as South Asian women is not a good idea!

I provide ideas and tips on how to support and not assume and what you can do to increase your awareness. 

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In today’s show, I talk about:

  • What unconscious biases are and how they could, in fact, be very conscious. [01:18]
  • A summary of what schemas are and how they can contribute to stereotypes.  [02:13]
  • The main schemas I hear about related to South Asian women in the UK.  [03:13]
  • The plurality of being a South Asian woman [05:37]
  • The importance of understanding the damage stereotyping does and how it stops South Asian women and people moving ahead. [09:21]
  • What you can do to challenge your stereotypes about South Asian women [13.21]
  • Learn more about culturally sensitive coaching [15.00]



  • Many biases, unconscious biases, or stereotypes are not unconscious. They’re often very conscious!
  • A schema is a cognitive framework or concept that helps us as people to organise and interpret the vast amounts of information that we receive on a minute by minute, hour by hour basis.
  • There is so much plurality in being a South Asian woman.
  • The religions of South Asia are very diverse and different.
  • Educate yourself. Watch, read, and speak to people to learn more.

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