#60 To BAME or not to BAME?    

On today’s episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast, I talk about the term BAME and the ways in which people may self-identify, and how language needs to change. 

I decided to talk about this as this has become a topic many people want to engage with and talk about in my online training sessions about race and race equality.

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In today’s show, I talk about:

  • When you first became aware of your race [1.00]
  • Why we need to talk about race in our everyday lives  [01:30]
  • The language of race and terminology. [02:09]
  • What BAME stands for and why some people reject the term. [05:10]
  • Why I’m now at the point where I think we shouldn’t use the term BAME anymore. [10:24]

Resources to decide whether to BAME or not to BAME 


  • Chances are if you’re from a white majority background, and you’re in the UK, you may not feel very comfortable talking about your race.
  • We all need to talk about race without fear that we’re going to get it totally wrong. 
  • I also realise that language is fluid, and we won’t always get it right, or terms that we’re used to, might not be appropriate anymore.
  • Framing your language can be really helpful, particularly if you’re not from a global majority of the community of colour.
  • Nobody wants to be reduced to an acronym, especially an acronym that is inaccurate.

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