Wellbeing in Parenting

In this week's podcast I speak to Dr Naomi Irvine about wellbeing in parenting and how parents can look after themselves as well as their children. Continue Reading Wellbeing in Parenting

Welcome to the 221st episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. November is all about parenting with equity and wellbeing in mind. Today we are focusing on wellbeing in parenting. To join me on the podcast to talk about this is Dr Naomi Irvine. 

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About my guest

Dr Naomi Irvine specialises in helping leaders improve their relationships and results in complex organisations, through Fierce Conversations, gender empowerment, personal effectiveness, leadership development, and coaching and mentoring.

Her services support organisations to maximise retention of valued staff members, attract a diverse workforce, build resilience and creativity, and promote the advancement of under-represented groups.

She has trained in fierce conversations and interventions to support organizational change. 

She delivers mandatory qualities training and bespoke away days for the third sector as well as leadership development for emergent leaders in the higher education sector and knowledge transfer particularly with research culture in STEM. 

She’s had a career that spans many organizations, with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, followed by being a research associate and working at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Leicester. 

Now she’s the owner of Dr. Naomi Unlimited and I’m delighted to have her on the show to talk more about parenting with well-being in mind as a professional running her own business.

In today’s show on Wellbeing in Parenting

  • About Dr Naomi and what she’s working on at the moment [01:59]
  • A summary of her parenting journey so far. [03:57]
  • What the term “parenting with wellbeing in mind” mean to her. [06:54]
  • Her biggest challenge when it comes to talking to her kids about mental well-being. [11:12]
  • Her top three mental health tips. [25:12]

Quotes on Wellbeing in Parenting

  • I was a great parent until I had kids!
  • As I’ve become more experienced as a parent, the less I know about parenting.
  • Parenting with wellbeing in mind is looking after myself first so I can look after my kids.
  • People parent boys and girls differently, so I make an effort to think about stereotypes and have active conversations about this.
  • Aspects of life like maternal exhaustion are designed that way, they are not inevitable.

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