Your Working at Home Life Balance

On today’s episode, I talk about your working at home-life balance and looking after your wellbeing during this time of uncertainty. 

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. One of the key things about this time is that there’s been little to no adjustment period. 

One day we were in a physical workspace or most of us were, and overnight, around 80% of us were told to work at home, or we weren’t working in safe environments with the equipment and health and safety guarantees that we needed. 

This impacts on where we draw the line and how we create that working at home work-life balance.

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In today’s show, we talk about:

  • What a work-life balance is and how it influences being mentally healthy and looking after ourselves  [01:40]
  • The challenges that we can face when working from home [3.35]
  • About my new online course The Mentally Healthy Professional. [05:43]
  • Four key things you can do to help improve your work-life balance. [06:17]



  • One of the key things is that there’s been little to no adjustment period.
  • Work-life balance can be defined as the balance that a working individual needs between time allocated for work, and other aspects of their life, which include personal interests, family, social or leisure activities.
  • I don’t think that there is a one size fits all model for how things should be, everyone will vary.
  • This course is for you if you’re aware of your mental health and wellbeing, but your usual coping strategies aren’t necessarily working. 
  • I always say assertiveness is like a muscle, you have to use it, train it and strengthen it. 
  • You are the CEO of your own life, but make sure you have the right people on the board of you to support you through what you need to do.

Next steps for your Working at Home Life Balance

Join the Mentally Healthy Professional Online Course.

In this course, you will learn:
Tips, techniques and tools on how to create your ideal work-life balance. You’ll learn how to create positive boundaries in order to spend time how you want to.

  • Evaluate where you are now with your work-life balance
  • Learn techniques to increase your energy
  • Discover easy-to-use time hacks
  • How to say no assertively and set your boundaries
  • Weekly coaching calls with me

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