Formulating Empowering Beliefs

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Shazney Spence about how to cultivate empowering beliefs and help others to do this too. Continue Reading Formulating Empowering Beliefs

Welcome to the 129th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.

This month’s focus is all about sharing your story, and to join me in talking about this and empowering beliefs is Shazney Spence.

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About my guest Shazney Spence

Shazney Spence is a personal coach and the Managing Director of EQuanimity Lifestyle & Success Coaching Ltd, she is a Public speaker, Reiki Master and Soul Coach. She personally develops and empowers people to live their best lives, coaching them on a 1-2-1 and group basis. In addition, Shazney provides non-clinical mental health consultative support services to corporate organisations. She is also a Diverse Minds Associate. 

Shazney supports her clients to attain a state of mental, emotional stability and balance through focused coaching, energy work and meditation. Through many years of coaching experience, Shazney is highly skilled at managing individual relationships with the purpose of enhancing their professional learning, effectiveness, and fulfilment. Shazney seeks to understand individuals’ goals and desires, helping the individual to meet them in an honest, unbiased, and purposeful manner. 

As the founder of The Super Soul Sanctuary, it is her mission to guide her clients to a space of clarity and calm replacing overwhelm with awareness and aligned intentional action. 

In today’s show on Formulating Empowering Beliefs

  • About Shazney Spence and what she does. [02:35]
  • Her journey to becoming a Soul coach and empowering others to do this. [03:57]
  • What the term “empowering belief” means to her. [07:12]
  • How workplaces can get more of their staff to think more about empowering beliefs. [21:28]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [25:58]

Quotes on Formulating Empowering Beliefs

  • I truly believe that we have disempowered we have disempowering beliefs, as well as empowering beliefs.
  • It’s vital to invest in my own personal development, as well as my own spiritual and mental and emotional development.
  • For my mental health I practice breath-work, meditation and cold water therapy.
  • I think what the past few years has reinforced in people is that there is this need to take care of their emotions, the mind body connection, to really think about what’s important.

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