The Racial Code

In this week's episode Leyla speaks to Professor Nicola Rollock about her new book The Racial Code Tales of Resistance and Survival. Continue Reading The Racial Code

Welcome to the 163rd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. It’s Black History Month and the theme is action, not words. Today, I am joined by the esteemed Professor Nicola Rollock to talk about her new book, The Racial Code, tales of resistance and survival about daily racism in the workplace. 

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About my guest

Nicola Rollock is a Professor of Social Policy and Race at King’s College London. Her work ranges widely across media. In addition to speaking, writing and facilitating conversations, she has appeared in the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 documentary ‘The School that Tried to End Eacism.

She has curated the photo exhibition ‘Phenomenal Women’ which chronicled the experiences of Black female professors in the UK and was on display at the Southbank Centre. In 2020, she was included in the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s list of Next Generation Trailblazers. The Racial Code is her first trade book.

It is an unprecedented examination of the hidden rules of race and racism that govern our lives and how they maintain the status quo. Interweaving narrative with research and theory, Prof Nicola Rollock uniquely lays bare the pain and cost of navigating everyday racism and compels us to reconsider how to truly achieve racial justice.

In today’s show about The Racial Code

  • About Nicola and what she’s currently working on. [02:01]
  • Her journey to becoming an academic [04:17]
  • A powerful excerpt How Many Times from her book The Racial Code. [07:38]
  • What the word “resistance” means to her. [17:04]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [42:03]

Quotes on The Racial Code

  • I didn’t start off wanting or thinking about academia as a career option.
  • My book is about the subtleties of everyday racism.
  • I’m really selective about who I agree to work with.
  • I am working on a project about white allies in the workplace.
  • It’s absolutely crucial that you’re not relying on white mainstream spaces for affirmation, or for recognition of your talents, because you’d be there until you retire.

Read the Racial Code

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