2022 The Year in Review

This week's podcast is focussed on 2022: the year in review. I talk about the word I chose which was abundance and how that worked out for me. As well as a round-up of key milestones. Continue Reading 2022 The Year in Review

Welcome to the 174th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. On today’s episode, I’m going to be giving you a round-up of 2022, the year in review and the reflections from this incredibly challenging year. 

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On today’s show about 2022 The Year in Review

  • How reflecting at the end of the year can be a useful exercise. [00:55]
  • The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year. [02:13]
  • Why I have had to take this year an hour at a time. [03:16]
  • My thoughts on disenfranchised grief. [03:41]
  • A roundup of the year that was meant to be the year of abundance. [05.44]

Quotes on 2022 The Year in Review

  • It can be a really useful exercise to celebrate all you’ve achieved and consider what you want to build on and indeed what you want to leave behind.
  • This has been my fifth full year of business, which has flown by, but it’s also been incredibly challenging for many reasons.
  • There were so many times when my insides felt pulverized by the weight of my emotions and global happenings.
  • As with 2021, rarely did a week go by where I didn’t hear bad news.
  • When we get what we strive for, or put all our energy into something, it often has unexpected effects.

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