Doing Less Being More

In this week's podcast Leyla speaks to Karen Liebenguth about doing less, being more and how we can connect with nature for mental wellbeing. Continue Reading Doing Less Being More

Welcome to the 125th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.

This month the focus is on the connection of physical and mental health. Today, we are talking about doing less, being more with Karen Liebenguth.

Karen is someone I have referenced and talked about in previous episodes of the podcast on nature and mental health. So, I’m really pleased that she could join us today in person.

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About my guest Karen Liebenguth

Karen is an accredited life and leadership coach, accredited mindfulness teacher and supervisor, mentor and facilitator.

She set up Green Space Coaching & Mindfulness in 2008 and offers tailored mindfulness and coaching programmes for the workplace to foster personal and professional growth and to help people develop healthy minds and hearts. 

She is a member of the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring and the British Association for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA).

Karen has worked with clients such as Kew Gardens, Deloitte, Weber Shandwick, McMillan Education, Chobham Academy, Ascend Global Media, United for Global Mental Health, GAMA Healthcare, The Royal Town Planning Institute, Unison Union, The City Centre, Trades Union Congress, and others.

In today’s show on Doing Less Being More

  • About Karen and the work that she does. [01:51]
  • How she became a Green Space coach and the impact of nature on recovery. [03:19]
  • Why mental health isn’t about being happy all the time. [07:31]
  • The biggest challenges for people trying to access and understand why they always have to be “on” and do more. [11:46]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [22:51]

Quotes on Doing Less Being More

  • Mental health, for me, means having a healthy mind and heart.
  • When we are in good, loving, respectful, sensitive, responsive connection, relationship with ourselves, that’s when I think we have a healthy mind and heart.
  • It’s okay to be more, to relax, to have downtime. To create a work life flow.
  • Nature can really help us slow down and ground ourselves, because we are immediately connected to our senses when we are in nature.
  • I spend some quiet time by myself every day meditating or sometimes just sitting quietly looking out of the window or in the sunlight or in the gardens.

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