The damaging impacts of colourism and shadism

In this week's podcast Leyla talks about the damaging impacts of colourism and shadism in the South Asian community and beyond. Continue Reading The damaging impacts of colourism and shadism

Welcome to the 103rd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. In today’s episode, I am going to be talking about colourism and shadism, what it is, why we need to be aware of it and why it’s super important to challenge it.

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In today’s show about colourism and shadism

  • What is the definition of colourism? [00:43]
  • The foundations of colorism in India and South Asia. [01:59]
  • How the arrival of the British intensified colourism in India. [03:12]
  • The effects of colorism on women of colour and how it devalues feminine currency. [07:22]
  • What we can do about colourism, especially in the workplace. [13:45]

Quotes on colourism and shadism

  • Colourism is a form of discrimination that favours light skinned members of a particular ethnic group.
  • This form of racial discrimination dates back to slavery, colonialism, occupation. It has been systemically pass on colourism and shadismed down through the years.
  • Colourism ultimately attained its full ugly power with the advent of colonialism by the British, when they arrived in India in 1608, and ruled over Indian soil for over three centuries.
  • Colourism and shadism do exist for men too, but there seems to be more of an impact on women due to beauty standards and the way in which women are always scrutinised more.
  • In ancient India, throughout the early medieval period, black did not denote a blemish.

Further resources on colourism and shadism

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