Why won’t they accept help?

In this week's podcast Leyla discusses why won't they accept help? What stops people , accessing, accepting and taking action for their mental health. Continue Reading Why won’t they accept help?

Welcome to the 143rd episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. This month, as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is loneliness, we are going to be focussing on loneliness and the impact of mental health on various groups.

Today, I am talking about why it can be so difficult for people to accept help when they are diagnosed with mental health challenges or are just feeling low.

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On today’s show on why won’t they accept help?

  • Why I chose to cover this topic today. [01:09]
  • Factors that prevent people from seeking help. [02:26]
  • A look into the Karpman Drama Triangle [06:01]
  • About the Emotion, Reality and Responsibility model. [16:34]
  • What we can do to encourage people to seek help. [17:16]

Quotes on why won’t they accept help?

  • No family sits down and says, right, what’s our communications policy? Or what’s the health and safety policy in our home.
  • Just like with physical health, when we want to train or do something in the gym, we generally don’t go from being a beginner runner to being an elite athlete.
  • If we’re trying to support someone, or feel frustrated with them, we have to really be mindful of what are we feeling first.
  • When emotions are high, you want to check the reality and move the person to responsibility.
  • The person who is in that victim mode feels overwhelmed by their sense of vulnerability, inadequacy or powerlessness.

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