Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives that Truly Work

Welcome to the 64th episode of the Diverse Minds Podcast. With the second lockdown in the UK, and mental health and wellbeing of paramount importance, what are the ways in which workplaces can truly create and sustain workplace wellbeing initiatives that work? Where’s the research, especially with pressure placed on healthcare and social services?

To join me to talk about these issues and more is Dr Jermaine M. Ravalier.

About my guest

Dr Jermaine M Ravalier is Reader in Work and Wellbeing (Psychology) at Bath Spa University. His research interests are in the area of mental health and wellbeing in the public sector. 

As such he works with public sector organisations (and in particular Health and Social Care providers and employers) to work with employees to co-develop mental health and wellbeing interventions. 

By supporting the wellbeing of these key frontline workers (including during the ongoing Covid pandemic), we are able to support them in providing the support and care that their patients and service users need.

Listen to the episode

In today’s show about workplace wellbeing initiatives we discuss:

  • The study of organisational and health psychology. [02:52]
  • What drew Jermaine to the specific area of workplace wellbeing for the Public Sector [05:53]
  • Some of the tangible things that workplaces can do to embrace wellbeing in a genuine and meaningful way. [08:04]
  • How to have conversations about culture, race, understanding the systemic and justices to improve services. [14:03]
  • Dr Ravalier’s top 3 tips for looking after his mental health. [32:30]

Quotes about workplace wellbeing initiatives: 

  • I don’t do my job in order to live my life, but it allows me to live the life that I want to live.
  • If a person’s off work for a month, they’re then likely to be off work for six months due to stress-related sickness absence.
  • If we can keep people at work, even in a reduced capacity of some sort, then it’s better for the individual, the organisation and ultimately the people that are in that job.
  • A lot of people don’t quite recognise when they’re on the precipice until it’s a bit too late.
  • Having a diverse workforce in the public and private sector is so important. 

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