Trauma Recovery through Yoga

In this week's podcast I speak to yoga teacher and conscious activist Ava Riby-Williams about trauma recovery through yoga. Continue Reading Trauma Recovery through Yoga

Welcome to the 130th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast.

This month’s focus is all about giving and sharing, so today we are going to be talking about trauma recovery through somatic movement for ourselves and others. And to join me to do this is the wonderful, Ava Riby-Williams.

Trigger warning: Please note there is reference to grief and death in this episode

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About my guest Ava Riby-Williams

Ava is a queer artist, community facilitator, activist, yoga teacher and student, of Ghanaian and Indian descent, living in London. Her work focuses on using creativity to connect, and guiding groups into deeper contemplation about issues concerning their liberation and wellbeing – on personal and collective levels.

As a guide, Ava is clear that the point of her work is to encourage students to become their own inner teachers: she does this with young people and adults. 

Ava is driven by the importance of making healing practises accessible to isolated and marginalised communities as a tool to unwind trauma; she has been facilitating and creating training in this field since 2017.

She is passionate about creating safe, accessible spaces for self-exploration, expression and acceptance, and is deeply curious about how we can do this across lines of oppression.

With over 10 years of Yoga, creative practice, facilitation and performance experience, her teaching is often woven with song, poetry and play as a way to deepen our capacity to Love and experience life.  

In today’s show on Trauma Recovery through Yoga

  • About Ava Riby-Williams and her work as a yoga teacher and conscious activist. [02:35]
  • The transformation of yoga in the West. [05:53]
  • What the term somatic movement means to her and how it supports trauma recovery. [12:50]
  • How activists can support themselves and prevent burnout [18.42]
  • Her top 3 tips for looking after her mental health. [35:53]

Quotes on Trauma Recovery through Yoga

  • The word somatic basically means just of the body in Greek.
  • Everyone deserves to be nourished and resourced. Everyone is worthy of that, no matter how hard or long a person is working.
  • It is helpful to give people a space to connect in a way that isn’t necessarily just about the themes of work, but does facilitate their connection and openness with one another.
  • I used movement as a way to discharge, express, celebrate what it is that I’m feeling.
  • I do a lot of work around helping people to get out of their heads, and helping people to get out of the framework of “doing it right”.

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