5 Reflections on my second year of podcasting

In this week's episode Leyla shares her 5 reflections on her second year of podcasting,. The lessons she has learned, wins and some interesting stats. Continue Reading 5 Reflections on my second year of podcasting

Welcome to the 105th episode of the award-winning Diverse Minds podcast. Today’s episode is all about celebrating the second birthday and 104 full episodes of the Diverse Minds Podcast! I want to share with you my five reflections on my second year of podcasting, and I have learnt over this year. I will cover episodes 54 to 104.  

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In today’s show on my 5 reflections on my second year of podcasting

  • What inspired this episode. [00:39]
  • A recap of last year’s worth of episodes. [01:35]
  • About the most popular episodes to date. [03:58]
  • Some demographic information about the podcast. [06:00]
  • Reflections on my personal journey and what’s gone well so far. [09:57]

Quotes related to my 5 reflections on my second year of podcasting

  • Here we are, two years into the Diverse Minds podcast and I am really pleased I’ve made it this far!
  • Doing weekly shows does take a lot of work and effort, but it’s definitely worth it.
  • I thought 2019 to 2020 was tough, but I have to say 2021 has been far harder in terms of maintaining positivity and to keep going.
  • My the proudest achievement was winning the best diversity and inclusion podcast on Lindsay-Ann Gould’s podcasting for Business Awards.
  • It’s clear my guests are amazing, but the most popular episodes have been my solo episodes.

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